8 Tips to Make You Feel Much Better During Pregnancy

8 Tips to Make You Feel Much Better During Pregnancy

8 Tips to Make You Feel Much Better During Pregnancy

Hormones released during pregnancy affect your body. Small changes you will make in your routine life will help you feel better. Here are 8 simple but effective tips from our experts.


Taking frequent baths or showers will make you feel good. You should be careful that the water temperature is not too high. Bathing with a sauna or very hot water is definitely not recommended as it may cause fetal anomalies, especially central nervous system problems. This is especially true for the early stages of pregnancy.

When you take a bath, you should pay attention to the presence of someone other than you in the house.

Dental Care

Some women may have gum problems during pregnancy. If you have bleeding gums while brushing your teeth, you should remove excess sugary foods from your diet and use a very soft toothbrush. Sometimes the infection in your gums needs to be treated by the dentist. If you have any problems with your teeth during pregnancy, you should not hesitate to consult a dentist.

Hair Care

During pregnancy, you may notice that your hair growth accelerates and there is an increase in facial and body hair. With the effect of the estrogen hormone, your hair loss is reduced. But in the period following the birth of the baby, your hair may fall out quickly, you should not panic; These are the hairs that do not shed during pregnancy.

Nail Care

Nails grow faster and harder during pregnancy. But some women may also complain that their nails break easily.

Skin Care

The color and structure of the skin tend to change during pregnancy. While some women state that their skin is smoother and spotless, others complain that their skin is dry or oily and more blotchy. Again, during pregnancy, there may be an increase in tiny veins and skin cracks in the skin, and a darker color is observed in the pigment-containing parts of the skin. Major pigment changes include:

Although many pigment changes return after birth, the nipple may remain somewhat dark. It is not possible to prevent skin cracks (especially if you are 35 or older) that occur during pregnancy. It is more common in women who gain excess and fast weight. After birth, their color fades and they remain white. You tan more quickly when you are in the sun while pregnant, so you should use protective creams.

Your Posture

Depending on your belly growth and weight gain, your body’s center of gravity and your posture will change. This will change the way you sit and walk. With good posture; You can reduce your back and lower back pain complaints.

A few simple rules below will prevent these problems:


Breathing exercises, yoga, massage, listening to music, taking a bath will help you relax and feel better.


It is important to get as much rest and sleep as possible during your pregnancy. Some women may have trouble sleeping during pregnancy. This is due to increased anxiety in the first months of pregnancy and the inability to find a comfortable sleeping position in the later weeks of pregnancy.

The following may make it easier for you to sleep:


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