Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Is it safe? Or should it be postponed?

Covid19 vaccination during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Is it safe? Or should it be postponed?

Covid19 vaccination during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Is it safe? Or should it be postponed?

Covid19 vaccine has been rolled out worldwide, and with the public administrations and trials, there arise multiple questions about getting vaccinated for pregnant women. Not only the women who are expecting are concerned about their vaccine doses, but also the lactating women are bothered about whether they should go for the covid19 vaccine or not. This has been one of the biggest concerns from the day various vaccines became available publicly. 

There have been multiple myths and realities about these questions and the risk factors associated. So if you’re expecting a baby at the moment or nursing one, then this article is going to help you understand if getting yourself vaccinated against Covid19 is safe or not. You will get to know about this query with reference to various viewpoints of medical research. 

First Things First

Before going into the details of the pros and cons of vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women, we definitely need to know how a pregnant woman is at higher risk for contracting Covid19 than a non-pregnant woman. 

You need to realize that being pregnant, you are more vulnerable to any ailment, and talking about a pandemic, it’s a more significant concern. And we know, in this strenuous yet beautiful journey of the gestation period, any mother is going to be highly mindful of decisions she’s going to take or abandon.

Why should I care about vaccination in pregnancy?  

Pregnant women are at a comparatively higher risk of contracting covid19 than non-pregnant women. A pregnant woman is susceptible to the virus, more likely, as she is going through a highly sensitive period of her life. Any ailment can prove to be undoubtedly very disastrous for the mother as well as the baby. Even the pregnant covid19 patients got way more severe symptoms than normal individuals. A lot of medical issues go side by side in pregnancy. Being pregnant, you might be experiencing allergic reactions, hypertension, fevers, and so many other things. Getting any sort of medication or drug without any care can prove to be extremely dangerous, and so is vaccination a crucial decision. Let’s talk about the safety concerns about getting vaccinated in pregnancy. 

Is Covid-19 Vaccination Safe During Pregnancy?

Women who are pregnant or those who are planning to conceive both need an answer to the question that; Is the covid19 vaccine safe for them, or should they postpone it until they give birth? Although there has not been a vast level of study and research on the effect of vaccination doses on pregnant women, there have still been some guidelines and recommendations for mothers to be. 

Getting vaccinated before conceiving

Firstly, on a simple note, the covid19 vaccine does not contain any such substances that may interfere with your fertility or cause any reproductive issues. No cases of such sort have been reported so far in the medical world that could link covid19 vaccination with infertility and reproductive complexities. The myths like these we come to hear are entirely wrong and have no scientific basis because no data can prove infertility associated with covid19 vaccination. So by breaking the myth of infertility, we confidently come to the fact that the covid19 vaccine is completely safe for women who are actively trying to conceive. So the ones conceiving after getting vaccinated are potentially at no risk of getting any illness or gestation complications.   

Vaccine during pregnancy

To keep yourself and your baby protected during this pandemic, vaccination is the only way of safety. By not paying heed to any sort of rumors spread against vaccine safety, one should always trust medical research. And by research, it has been now proved that covid19 vaccination does not have any adverse effects on pregnant and breastfeeding women. The vaccine will help your body develop immunity against the virus. Hence it is greatly immunogenic for mothers and their babies. So, it is recommended to get yourself vaccinated at any stage of your pregnancy and build your immunity. This can be a big step for the better pregnancy and health of your baby.

Some vaccines are even providing safety confirmation for pregnant individuals. Vaccines like Pfizer / Moderna are safe as they don’t contain live viruses, and you can have them at any stage of your pregnancy without getting covid19 illness. However, vaccines that contain live viruses are not recommended during pregnancy. Therefore the choice of vaccine is also considered before taking the dose.

Potential Benefits of vaccination during pregnancy

Covid19 vaccination has protected pregnant individuals from several corona infections. The vaccine has amazingly provided immunity and has indeed saved lives. With proper consultancy of your healthcare provider, you need to consider the following benefits;

For Women Who are Breastfeeding

Many lactating women were worried about vaccination dose as the mother’s milk is crucial for breastfed child’s wellbeing. Any substance a lactating woman consumes becomes a component of her milk directly and ultimately is essential for building a baby’s health. As covid19 vaccination is highly immunogenic for pregnant and lactating women, the antibodies produced by dose are transferred to the baby by milk. So the mother’s milk will pass on immunity in simpler words to her baby. Hence the findings in the center for virology and vaccine research in New York concluded that it is highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women to acquire vaccine shots.

Breastfeeding after getting vaccinated: Is it safe?

Unlike the other vaccines that produce harmful substances in mother’s milk and mothers have to discontinue nursing the baby, the covid19 vaccine has no such harm in lactating women. The covid19 vaccine is potentially safe with no proven side effects for women and babies during breastfeeding. So after getting vaccinated against Covid19, there is no harm in feeding breast milk to your baby. Mothers may continue providing breast milk without any worry.

How is the breastfed baby safe from vaccination? 

No doubt, the antibodies transferred via milk will boost up the baby’s immunity and protect him from certain infections. However, there is still a factor of ambiguity on how the vaccine will act after transferring to the baby via milk. The vaccine will spread out in the baby’s mouth and gut to protect him against the disease. So, after all these benefits, we can ultimately say that breastfeeding after getting vaccinated is a total yes. Therefore, researchers highly recommended that lactating women should and ought to be vaccinated for the sake of their and their baby’s protection. 

Guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Getting vaccinated is ultimately a personal choice. A pregnant or lactating woman should definitely go for the decision of covid19 vaccination. A conversation with your healthcare provider seems to be important in this case. Further some guidelines you should consider are; 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have questions regarding the covid19 vaccination, then reach out to us. We would love to hear your queries and answer them. We care for your health and aim to deliver the best possible information to you. A good piece of advice is always beneficial and sometimes lifesaving. 

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